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Our Core Banking solution is structured around the most important component of your business, your customer. Because the core banking system was developed using the concept of a Customer Information File, the inquiry screen is one of the most useful and comprehensive tools in the system. It gives every user the ability to access all the information available on a particular customer from a single screen display. With our Core Banking's comprehensive Customer Information File banking feature, you and your employees can consolidate and view the entire relationship that any customer maintains with your community bank, credit union or de novo bank. Information provided by the Customer Information File is easy to access by customer name, account number, or tax ID.

  • Links all of a customer's accounts together along with the capability to link other customer records, directly and indirectly, using established relationships for Inquiry and reporting
  • Allows for alternate customer addresses
  • Supports joint name and Social Security or EIN numbers which can be used for alternate Inquiry access
  • Interfaces with third party address verification and correction software (CASS certified); utilizes 10 character International Zip Code field; contains US zip code delivery point and check digit information for the generation of bar codes on subsequent mailings
  • Gives the capability to generate contact lists and/or labels for privacy notification
  • Processes NYFIDM files for state reporting
  • Accumulates IRS YTD and last year running totals at the customer level for Inquiry and reporting access
  • Holds default Officer code, Customer Type and Branch for account creation assignment with capability to override at account level
  • Message archiving for each customer
  • Used as the source for external applications (i.e. Online Banking, Item Processing, etc.)
  • And more
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